When it comes to divorce in Ohio, nothing is more important for parents than the safety and security of their children. Unfortunately, there can be some major disagreements regarding how to go about securing a child’s well-being after a divorce. In many cases, parents will share custody, but in others, living conditions at the home of one parent may become a point of contention when it comes to deciding amicable custody arrangements.

According to Verywell Family, there are a number of factors that can determine whether a parent’s home is fit to house children. While things like income may influence a judge’s decision as to custody rights, one of the main issues is whether a parent can adequately handle the responsibilities of custody. As a result, a judge will factor in considerations like how many children will be living in a residence, how much privacy can be realistically afforded to each child, the age of each child and access to healthcare and education.

When one parent is unable to provide a safe and secure living space for a child after divorce, all hope is not lost. Many custody orders can be changed at a future date if the parent in question demonstrates that he or she has made changes, moved to a safer area, has a higher income or larger living space and has shown stability in these changes. In matters of suspected abuse, counseling or other intervention programs may need to be completed to change custody or visitation orders.

Divorcing parents who have concerns about the living conditions provided by the other spouse may turn to the guidance of an attorney in order to bring these concerns to court. A family law attorney may be able to outline living conditions provided by both parents so that a judge can make a fair determination regarding child custody and visitation. An attorney may also be able to assist a parent who is seeking to amend an existing custody order.