Child custody arrangements can be difficult to adjust to when you are going through a divorce. One of the methods for sharing the children is co-parenting. This requires parents in Columbus to work closely together to make decisions for the kids and ensure that they are actively involved in rearing them.

This parenting arrangement has many benefits, but it also comes with some challenges. It is imperative that both parents work toward keeping things peaceful and positive. This takes work, but it is worth the effort.

Focus solely on the children

The only focus of the custody agreement must be the kids. You can’t think about how arrangements will impact you. You can’t harp on what led to the divorce or what happened during it because this can take the focus off the children.

Set a schedule

Once you set a parenting schedule, follow it. This might vary from one week to another because of work schedules and the kids’ activities. If you do have a fluid parenting time plan like this, set standards for when each parent needs to hand over their schedule so the new one can be made as early as possible. If you can, let the children know ahead of time what their upcoming days will entail so they might feel more secure about it.

Communicate appropriately

You and your ex must communicate appropriately and directly. Never try to funnel messages through the children and don’t speak in a disrespectful manner. There are times when things might get heated, but this is when you know that you need to take a step back and regroup. Talking face-to-face can work for some people, but you might need to use written communication, such as emails, so there is a record of anything that is agreed to.

Create strict standards

Strict standards about behavior at joint events can help to ensure everyone is handling things appropriately. Nobody who attends events for the children should act in a negative manner. Neither parent should be disparaged by anyone at the event, and the children should remain the focal point for everyone.

Establish rules

Some rules should span both homes, so coming to an agreement about this is beneficial. Some of the things that you might have to agree on are bedtime, study requirements, faith-based decisions and curfews.

Have a parenting plan in place that outlines the decisions to which you and your ex have agreed. This gives you something to review when there are disagreements.