Most every parent wants to provide the best for their children, however, sometimes people fall on hard times. You shouldn’t keep quiet about your inability to pay the child support that you owe. You should let your Ohio attorney or case manager know right away if you’re struggling to pay what is due each month. You may face some very harsh consequences if you simply stop paying without letting the court know the reason why.

A person who fails to pay child support may have their driver’s license suspended for an indefinite period (until they pay). Since child support agencies are in constant communication with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, financial transparency on your part is essential.

When one fails to pay child support, a wage garnishment can occur. You may forfeit your right to both state and federal tax refunds if you have outstanding child support payments. You may also be assessed both fines and penalties for failing to pay child support. This could result in you owing tens of thousands of dollars.

Being behind on child support payments may result in you being either denied a passport or your inability to it. This can limit your travel overseas no matter whether it’s for pleasure or work. You may also be dishonorably discharged from the military if you fail to pay your child support obligations.

You may also be imprisoned if you fail to pay child support. Failure to pay child support is a misdemeanor under federal law for amounts owed of less than $10,000 and a felony for amounts owed over $10,000.

The stakes are very high if you fail to pay what you owe. You may find it beneficial for you to consult with an attorney in Columbus if you’re struggling to pay what’s due. Don’t make the mistake of losing your freedom because you failed to exercise the rights you may have under Ohio law. Your lawyer may be able to help you request a modification of your court order in your case.