One of the hardest parts about going through a divorce is dividing up the marital assets. Couples tend to acquire a lot of possessions both before and after they get married. Some items may have more nostalgic or personal value versus a monetary one. It may be hard to assign value to certain household items.

It might be relatively easy to place a value on real property or a vehicle, but what about things like artwork, jewelry, antiques or a family business? It might be helpful to have an appraiser assess the value of those items. One spouse may end up with more assets than another if you don’t have an appraisal performed on these.

When it comes to the marital home, couples have to decide if they want to sell the house or if one of the parties wants to remain in the property.

There are several factors to consider. First, the spouse that wants to stay in the property must be able to afford the upkeep of it. Mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance and utilities are all included in this. Couples must also determine if there’s any equity built up in the property, and if so, figure out how they’re going to split it up.

If the couple decides to sell their home, then they will want to get maximum value for it. It might not be ready for a realtor to spotlight if the bathrooms and kitchen aren’t updated or the roof or flooring warrant replacement. Your home may need repainting before it’s ready to be listed as well.

The last thing you want to do when going through an Ohio divorce is to walk away with less than you deserve. While the goal may be to flee the chaos of your marital discord as quickly as possible, you may do yourself a financial disservice to try to end your marriage without a plan of action. An experienced divorce attorney may be able to help you prepare for your marital departure here in Columbus to make sure you are in the best position when the dust settles.