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We Fight The Life-Long Consequences Of Sex Crime Charges

If you have been accused of importuning, also referred to as solicitation of a minor for sex, or any other sex crime involving the Internet, it is important to act quickly to defend yourself. The penalties associated with these crimes — fines, incarceration and sex offender registration— can destroy your life.

At the Kelly Law Office in Columbus, we know how to fight charges of Internet sex crimes. As a law firm that has been providing criminal defense representation since 1992, we have been defending people throughout Ohio against these charges since the dawn of the Internet. You can be certain that we can defend you.

We Can Handle The Challenges Presented By Importuning Charges

Importuning is perhaps the most common Internet sex crime. These cases all play out in a very similar manner. They start with a person going into an Internet chat room. The accused allegedly begins a conversation with a minor. That minor turns out to be a police officer.

The technological aspect of these cases may seem challenging. However, the larger challenge in these cases has to do with questions of entrapment and constitutional issues. We know the challenges and we know how to move forward to protect your rights.

We Can Handle The Challenges Of Any Sex Crime Charges

At our law firm, you will find an attorney who can defend against all sex crimes that involve use of chat rooms, instant messages, emails and other aspects of the Internet. We can defend against everything from Internet stalking cases to allegations of possession or distribution of child pornography. No matter what crime you have been accused of, we can defend you.

We Can Handle Your Defense For A Reasonable Fee

Our fees are reasonable. In fact, many of our family law, criminal and other services are offered at flat rates, so you will know up front how much your case will cost. If your case is billed on an hourly basis you will be kept apprised of your expenditures with itemized statements on a monthly basis or any other periodic basis at your request.

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