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April 2018 Archives

Splitting a business during a divorce

When going through a divorce, entrepreneurs and business owners in Ohio have it doubly hard: On the one hand, they have to deal with the reality of walking away from someone they believed they'd spend the rest of their lives with. On the other hand, they have to contend with dividing up their assets, in particular their business, which may be the largest asset on the table. Consequently, it is imperative that both parties be made aware of the value of the business to ensure that everyone gets their due.

Dispelling Ohio family law myths

There are a number of persistent myths about family law that the Ohio Bar Association has addressed in articles published for consumers and attorneys. One such legend is that if a spouse commits adultery, he or she is doomed to lose everything in a divorce. (Adultery might well lead to a divorce, but it is not the determining factor in disputes over child custody or the distribution of assets.)

Parenting separately: What to do when you live hours apart

Parenting your child is hard enough when you are divorced, but with an ex-spouse who's several hours away, the distance makes custody arrangements complicated. Your child has to go to one school, needs to be in one place long enough to do homework and activities, and needs a sense of routine. You also realize that your child needs his other parent. What can you do to make this work?

Courtroom Etiquette 101

People often make snap judgments about others. Sometimes, if they take the time to get to know the individuals, they may revise their initial opinions. But far more often, their interactions are too limited to allow for much additional insight.

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