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4 steps to getting a divorce in Ohio

When you get married, one of the last things you're thinking about is the possibility of a divorce. While some marriages last forever, the reality is that not all of them do. In that case, you may end up turning to a divorce to resolve your marital problems.

Transitioning during divorce through 'birdnesting'

Child custody is one of the biggest concerns that Ohio parents face following divorce. However, one new trend may make the transition easier on children. 'Birdnesting" is a term used to describe a living situation in which both parents share a residence but live separately. The children stay in the shared home while the two parents alternate living there as well.

What to consider before taking the marital home

After an Ohio marriage comes to an end, an individual may be tempted to keep the family home. There are many questions that a person should ask before deciding to keep it. For instance, it may be worth considering if that individual could pay the mortgage on his or her own.

Handling child support with joint child custody

When parents in Ohio decide to divorce or separate, an increasing number are opting for joint custody arrangements in which the children spend a roughly equal amount of time with each parent. Because neither parent has primary custody, both parents may wonder how joint custody will affect child support obligations. In a joint custody situation, both parents share the everyday financial and practical responsibilities of child-raising. Joint custody situations are handled differently in family court than primary custody family situations.

How a parent should handle concerns about visitation

Some Ohio custodial parents might wonder what they should do if they have concerns about their children's visitation with the other parent. Reasons for concern could be that the children say they do not want to go, that they complain they spend more time with the parent's new partner or that there is a history of substance abuse or domestic violence.

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