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December 2018 Archives

New tax laws will affect alimony in North Carolina

For decades, alimony payments have been tax deductible for the payor and taxable income for the payee. As of Jan. 1, 2019, however, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will change this. Alimony will no longer be considered tax deductible to the payor starting in the new year.

Living arrangements may be sticking point in child custody cases

When it comes to divorce in Ohio, nothing is more important for parents than the safety and security of their children. Unfortunately, there can be some major disagreements regarding how to go about securing a child's well-being after a divorce. In many cases, parents will share custody, but in others, living conditions at the home of one parent may become a point of contention when it comes to deciding amicable custody arrangements.

Dividing retirement assets during a divorce

It can be a challenge for divorcing couples to figure out how to divide assets and property and handle child custody. Determining how to fairly divide retirement assets can add another layer of challenge to the divorce process in Ohio. For many couples, their retirement savings represent the largest chunk of money that they have. If they are not careful, they could find themselves paying a hefty price as they are forced to pay penalties and additional taxes. Or they may see a substantial amount of money go to their ex-spouse.

How parallel parenting can reduce conflict after divorce

Some divorcing couples in Ohio might not be able to create a strong co-parenting relationship. For the most part, co-parenting requires exes to set aside their differences, focus on their children and communicate effectively. In some divorces, there is simply too much conflict for this to happen. However, there is an alternative, known as parallel parenting, that allows exes to share custody or have a custody and visitation arrangement.

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