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The case for 50-50 joint physical custody

Divorcing parents in Ohio are likely concerned about how the split will impact their children. In some cases, a parent will fight to obtain sole custody of the kids. Many still believe that children, especially infants and toddlers, do better when they are raised solely by their mothers.

However, modern research in child development has changed the way that people look at the issue of sole custody. It is clear that children are not negatively affected by spending time away from their mothers. To the contrary, research points to a number of benefits that children of divorced parents experience when they spend time with both parents.

In situations where only one parent has custody, research suggests that the children are more likely to experience emotional challenges, depression, issues with self-esteem and a decreased overall satisfaction with life. Conversely, when parents have 50-50 joint physical and legal custody, children are shown to have improved academic achievement. Furthermore, they are less likely to get involved in dangerous behaviors such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and smoking.

The exception to this would be circumstances when the children need to be protected from abuse or neglect on the part of a parent. When fathers have anything less than joint physical custody, the relationship with their children can be damaged permanently. Unfortunately, this sometimes occurs when the custodial parent turns the children against the noncustodial parent.

In cases where a parent is fighting for custody of their children, a family law attorney may be able to provide assistance. Legal counsel could represent their client in divorce proceedings. They may draw up visitation schedules and help settle custody agreements.

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