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How personality traits can raise divorce risk

Certain personality traits may increase the likelihood that an Ohio resident might get a divorce. One of those traits is a tendency to catastrophize. People who do so tend to blow up small incidents into large ones. Some attorneys actually report clients who file for divorce multiple times and then each time realize they are overreacting.

Another personality trait that could cause problems is when one person is excessively giving. While this may seem generous, it is actually a way to avoid emotional intimacy since it ensures that one person never needs anything from the other. Refusing to argue can also be a problem. When couples do not argue, they do not resolve issues. However, it is important for both people to take responsibility for their roles in causing problems in the relationship. If one person is narcissistic, that person may always insist on being the victim.

People who are deeply insecure may also sabotage a relationship because they seek validation. This could lead to infidelity. Selfishness is also a dangerous trait. While it is normal for everyone to be somewhat selfish and place their needs first sometimes, a perpetually selfish partner can damage a marriage beyond repair.

These issues can also cause problems during the divorce process, particularly if child custody issues are involved. Many parents prefer to negotiate a custody agreement instead of going before a judge, but this can be difficult if narcissism or other difficult personality traits are involved. However, it is important for parents to remember that even if they believe the other parent has serious personality flaws, courts generally take the position that the child benefits from time with both parents as long as there is no danger. Ideally, parenting time will be split roughly equally.

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