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Millennials' shifting views on marriage and divorce

Millennials in Ohio and across the country have grown up in a different reality than their parents and grandparents. Both men and women have the opportunity to attain financial independence, and this has influenced the way that millennials view marriage, divorce and prenuptial agreements.

The antiquated, stereotypical ideal of a man wanting a prenup to protect his financial assets from his wife is no longer a reality. Women in the workplace are also interested in signing prenuptial agreements. A survey of attorneys showed that women are now more responsible for paying out money after divorce than in years past. This may help explain the increase in interest in prenups by millennial women. With the equalization of the workforce, both spouses are becoming professionals who have their own assets and financial leverage.

Many millennials are concerned about the effect that a divorce could have on any inheritance or family gifts that they may receive. These individuals are not solely concerned about protecting what they currently have, but they are also looking to the future. This is especially the case if one partner is going into the marriage with a significantly higher income or with the hopes of receiving an inheritance in the future.

Not that long ago, the idea of getting a prenup was seen as taboo. Millennials are changing that reputation. There was the idea that only rich people got a prenup or that getting a prenup meant that a person was expected to get divorced or was increasing their chance of divorce. Research has since shown that this is not the case.

If a person is interested in learning about a prenuptial agreement, they may want to speak to a family law attorney. A family law attorney may be able to prepare a prenup as well as help their client understand the laws about property valuation and division during divorce.

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