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When visitation time poses a problem

Parents in Ohio who divorce or separate may later face conflicts about how to divide child custody and visitation. While children benefit strongly from a close relationship with both parents, the differences between the parents can boil over into challenges in creating a successful parenting plan. When one parent has primary custody, the other parent may have visitation with the kids. Visitation is usually a part of ensuring shared time for the children. In some cases, however, the custodial parent may have serious concerns about continuing the visitation schedule as ordered.

Guilt and other emotions you might experience when divorcing

The decision to divorce is never ever easy for parents. Not only do they have to balance the matters that come with the end of any marriage, they also have to handle the points related to the children. This is often the most difficult part of the situation, but finding ways to cope can reduce stress.

Child support modifications for parents facing hardship

Child support is important for kids in Ohio. When both parents contribute to the well-being of the children, the kids have more opportunities and are much less likely to live in poverty. Child support assessments are based on parental income. However, those orders are based on the parents' income at the time the order was made, not on other factors that may develop later down the road. As a result, parents may find themselves facing difficulties meeting their child support obligations if they lose their jobs, suffer a health problem or develop a disability.

Child support agreements can be reached privately

Divorced parents in Ohio and throughout the country have the right to ask a judge to create child support orders for them. However, it may be better for individuals to come to an agreement on their own. Agreements may be reached in private or with the help of a mediator. Coming to terms on a child support agreement outside of court can be beneficial because the parents have more control over the process of negotiating the deal.

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