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November 2019 Archives

Tips for helping children thrive after a divorce

Many parents in Ohio face the prospect of raising their children after a divorce. One factor that will come into play as it relates to creating an effective parenting plan is the age of the kids. Younger children often need more structure while older children want more freedom to spend time with friends and participate in school activities. Furthermore, young kids will generally need more support and reassurance after their parents finalize a divorce.

Co-parenting strategies to limit conflict with a difficult ex

Divorced people in Ohio typically cooperate as co-parents to their children, but vindictive or controlling ex-partners can make the journey more difficult than it already is. A person feeling undermined by a quarrelsome or unreliable co-parent could reduce conflict with mindfulness and communication strategies.

Handling scheduling conflicts with a child custody hearing

In Ohio and throughout the United States, child custody is one of the most complicated and difficult issues people face as they are going through a divorce. The various aspects of the process can seem overwhelming with even the most basic factors becoming problematic. That includes the court date to determine what the custody arrangement will be.

Deciding what to do with the family home in a divorce

Dividing the family home can be a difficult and complicated affair for a divorcing couple living in Ohio. Most assets that a couple has do not retain a lot of emotional value. However, a home is attached to memories. In many cases, the couple raised their children under that roof. Or it could be that the couple still has minor children who don't want to be uprooted from the neighborhood and school that they have known.

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