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Handling scheduling conflicts with a child custody hearing

In Ohio and throughout the United States, child custody is one of the most complicated and difficult issues people face as they are going through a divorce. The various aspects of the process can seem overwhelming with even the most basic factors becoming problematic. That includes the court date to determine what the custody arrangement will be.

The date of the custody hearing is not always scheduled at a convenient time or location. That does not necessarily indicate an unsatisfactory outcome. Understanding basic steps on how to deal with adjusting to inconveniences with the hearing can be critical. One way to attend the hearing is to do so via video or phone. With technological advancements, this is viewed as an agreeable solution since a hearing is generally short and there are rarely witnesses.

Alternatively, the case can be postponed to a later time so that the parent with a scheduling conflict or other obstacle can take part. If the location is a challenge, the forum can be changed. This is common if a non-custodial parent has moved to a different area of Ohio or to another state altogether. The likelihood is that the court will reject the request in the best interests of the child, but there is nothing illegal about asking.

The court will consider multiple factors regarding a scheduling change. Documentation as to why the parent cannot appear should be provided. If, for example, the parent has moved, there is an employment conflict or there is a safety concern, this must be proven. Finally, a parent can ask for a waiver of appearance. The judge might then make a default order or request a video or phone conference. For these concerns and anything else that arises as part of a child custody case, legal help may be essential.

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