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Tips for helping children thrive after a divorce

Many parents in Ohio face the prospect of raising their children after a divorce. One factor that will come into play as it relates to creating an effective parenting plan is the age of the kids. Younger children often need more structure while older children want more freedom to spend time with friends and participate in school activities. Furthermore, young kids will generally need more support and reassurance after their parents finalize a divorce.

No matter the situation, it is important that both parents are involved in the child's life. Research has shown that children are generally better off as adults when they have had both parents playing a key role in their development. It is also important that children don't feel as if they have to choose between one parent or the other.

Ideally, parents will work together to put a positive spin on their efforts to raise a son or daughter together. Children who see that their parents can respectfully interact with each other tend to be more confident that their needs will be met. These kids will also get to see what it looks like for adults to handle issues in a mature manner. Ultimately, it will allow both the children and the adults to adjust to their new realities.

Those who have questions or problems with the amount of parenting time that they are given after a divorce may want to talk with an attorney. It might be possible to resolve those issues through mediation or other collaborative methods. However, if necessary, an attorney could represent an individual in court. In some cases, going to court may be the only way to ensure that a child's best interests are being met.

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