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Is my marriage worth saving?

All marriages go through good times and bad times. For a strong and healthy relationship to exist, obstacles need to be faced and conflicts need to be resolved effectively. Therefore, the fact that you have been going through a time of increased arguments with your spouse does not necessarily mean that you should file for a divorce.

However, there are some instances in which a healthy marriage is not possible. Spouses can grow apart or build up so much resentment toward each other that they cannot go back to being in the loving relationship that they once were in. If you are unsure about whether your marriage is worth saving, consider whether any of the following behaviors are present in your spouse.

Your spouse lacks empathy

A possibility for a loving relationship mostly depends on each spouse's ability to relate to each other's emotions. In this way, empathy is a key piece of recovering a relationship. If your spouse has empathy toward you, it will be possible to explain your emotions constructively. If your spouse lacks empathy, it may be difficult to save your marriage.

You crave intimacy but do not receive it

Intimacy is important in a marriage, whether that is sex or simply physical closeness that demonstrates love. If you feel deprived of intimacy, you must express the way that you are feeling to your spouse. It is very possible to work on this aspect of marriage, but only if both spouses are willing to be open and honest about the topic.

You are being emotionally or physically abused

Abuse, either emotional or physical, is never acceptable. If you have been subject to any type of abuse in your marriage, consider taking legal action to protect yourself with the use of a restraining order.

Your spouse is unwilling to save the marriage

Both spouses need to be willing to work on the marriage. If your spouse has already given up on the relationship, you may have no choice but to resign yourself to a divorce.

If you are considering filing for divorce, take early action to make sure that you can get the divorce settlement that you deserve.

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