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April 2020 Archives

What holidays should parents put in their custody agreement?

If you and your co-parent are negotiating your custody and visitation agreement, you'll need to address the issue of holidays. The more clearly you detail the parenting agreement for each holiday, the less likely you'll be to have disputes and confusion later over the issue.

Property division: How do Ohio courts divide marital debts?

When divorce enters the picture, many spouses focus on what assets they will receive during property division. Neither person wants to feel as if they walked away from divorce without their fair share of the assets. Unfortunately, this leaves the area of debt division largely unaddressed.

Can your ex leave Ohio and take your shared children away?

As you move through the process of divorce, you could find yourself wishing you would never have to see your ex again. Of course, since you have children together, that kind of clean break won't be an option. You will have to see your former spouse every time you exchange custody and on important days for your children, such as graduations or birthdays.

Why dividing artwork in divorce can be a complicated endeavor

As your and your spouse's incomes grew, you began collecting more increasingly valuable works of art. This art now adorns virtually every room in your home. Now that you're considering divorcing, it's likely to be one of the biggest areas of contention as you divide your property.

Tips for disciplining your kids after divorce

If you're a separated or divorced parent who's having difficulty disciplining your children, you aren't alone. After a marital split, parents often feel guilty about the impact of the break-up on their children. They also feel like they're competing with the other parent for the kids' affection.

Co-parents need to cooperate to deal with children's sleep issues

When parents separate or divorce and children split their time between two homes, it's common for them to experience sleep issues. Some of these issues may be the result of anxiety and sadness about the changes in their life and their family. However, differences in bedtime routines and schedules between the two homes can also cause or at least worsen sleep issues.

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