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July 2020 Archives

What should you do with real estate in your Ohio divorce case?

With divorce comes various complications. Deciding what to do with the marital home is one of them. With the costs of homes these days, the average person is typically unable to pay for a home in cash, or potentially even qualify for a mortgage on their own. Thus, it generally takes two people to be eligible for a home loan.

What factors may warrant a spousal support modification?

It's not uncommon for Ohio couples to be left on unequal financial footings when they divorce. Ohio family judges will often step in and enter court orders requiring a husband or wife to pay their ex some form of spousal support as a result of this. Alimony isn't supposed to last forever, however.

Questions you should expect a judge to ask at a custody hearing

One of the worst parts about getting divorced for most parents is having to come to terms with not being able to spend as much time as they'd like with their child. Moms and dads often fight to win custody so that they don't have to miss important milestones in their kids' lives. If you are looking to gain more parenting time with your child, then you should prepare to discuss a few critical matters at your child custody hearing.

Who gets the dog in a divorce?

Divorces can be hard on everyone involved, including the pets. Over the years, your domesticated animal has become more than just a pet, but instead part of the family. You can't split up the family dog. Thus, when a couple gets divorced, your canine friend has to go with one spouse versus the other. There are trends as to how courts generally deal with such matters.

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