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Questions you should expect a judge to ask at a custody hearing

One of the worst parts about getting divorced for most parents is having to come to terms with not being able to spend as much time as they'd like with their child. Moms and dads often fight to win custody so that they don't have to miss important milestones in their kids' lives. If you are looking to gain more parenting time with your child, then you should prepare to discuss a few critical matters at your child custody hearing.

Your relationship with your kids can impact custody decisions

If you and your co-parent can't reach an agreement on how to share custody of your children, a judge will need to make that decision for you. In Ohio and in family law courts throughout the country, judges typically adhere to the "best interests of the child" standard. They make custody and visitation decisions based on what they think will be best for a child's happiness, safety, development, and physical and emotional health.

What holidays should parents put in their custody agreement?

If you and your co-parent are negotiating your custody and visitation agreement, you'll need to address the issue of holidays. The more clearly you detail the parenting agreement for each holiday, the less likely you'll be to have disputes and confusion later over the issue.

Tips for disciplining your kids after divorce

If you're a separated or divorced parent who's having difficulty disciplining your children, you aren't alone. After a marital split, parents often feel guilty about the impact of the break-up on their children. They also feel like they're competing with the other parent for the kids' affection.

Co-parents need to cooperate to deal with children's sleep issues

When parents separate or divorce and children split their time between two homes, it's common for them to experience sleep issues. Some of these issues may be the result of anxiety and sadness about the changes in their life and their family. However, differences in bedtime routines and schedules between the two homes can also cause or at least worsen sleep issues.

Children shouldn't be away from a parent for too long

Parents may believe that having custody of their children for an entire week at a time is an ideal way to allocate parenting time. However, kids in Ohio and elsewhere may not benefit from this arrangement. Instead, it may be better for one parent to have custody for two days before allowing the other parent to have custody for two days. Alternatively, one parent could have custody on weekdays while the other has custody on weekends.

The process of appealing a custody ruling

State law in Ohio and throughout the nation seeks to protect the best interests of a child above the interests of a parent. However, it is possible for a parent to appeal a child custody ruling if there is reason to believe that it was flawed in some way. Generally speaking, only final and complete orders are subject to appeal. This means that there has been a hearing on the matter and that all pending issues have been resolved.

Abusers are often favored in child custody cases

Most mothers in Ohio who are going through a divorce assume that if their children are being abused by their husbands, they will be given custody. However, new research has shown that it is not always, or even often, the case. A new study that examined more than 2000 child custody cases showed that fathers are given equal or greater parenting time, even when abuse is alleged or proven.

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