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Find out if your soon-to-be ex is hiding assets!

Financial infidelity is a concept that refers to a spouse hiding money, assets and possessions from their partner. Having separate or secret financial holdings is quite common in relationships in the United States. A recent survey conducted by revealed that 12 million Americans have bank accounts or credit cards that their significant other is unaware of.

Protecting finances in case of a divorce

Many people in Ohio who get divorced are unprepared for the financial impacts. Recovering from the financial devastation that a divorce can bring might be a years-long process. There are steps that people can take to protect themselves against a potential divorce in the future.

Handling a divorce where there is a prenuptial agreement

In Ohio and across the United States, it is unfortunate that many marriages will end in divorce. When a couple decides to part ways, there are certain issues that will come to the forefront as part of the case. That includes property division, spousal support and other financial considerations. To make the situation harder, couples may have prenuptial agreements but disagree about whether it is enforceable.

Millennials' shifting views on marriage and divorce

Millennials in Ohio and across the country have grown up in a different reality than their parents and grandparents. Both men and women have the opportunity to attain financial independence, and this has influenced the way that millennials view marriage, divorce and prenuptial agreements.

Safeguarding business assets with a prenup

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement has the power to do more than protect personal assets for individuals planning to walk down the aisle in Ohio. A prenup can also be used by a business owner wishing to determine how their company's assets will be handled during a marriage. For example, it could be kept as separate property, considered marital property or divided up according to a predetermined asset split plan.

The role of expert witnesses in a divorce

People in Ohio who decide to divorce may face a number of unique and complicating factors. Every person's divorce is different, and the issues that can accompany the end of a marriage will be affected by whether a couple has children or how amicable the separation may be. In addition, financial issues can have a major effect on the divorce process. A divorce that involves dividing a business or other assets in a high net worth family may require the involvement of a number of professionals to help both parties arrive at a fair result.

New tax laws will affect alimony in North Carolina

For decades, alimony payments have been tax deductible for the payor and taxable income for the payee. As of Jan. 1, 2019, however, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will change this. Alimony will no longer be considered tax deductible to the payor starting in the new year.

Pre-marriage cohabitation is no predictor of success

There was a time not so long ago when Ohio couples who lived together without the benefit of wedlock were subject to a certain stigma. Although some hold beliefs to the contrary, a strong majority of adults are now of the opinion that living together before marriage is a good idea, and most indicate they have done so themselves. However, recent studies reveal that individuals who cohabitate before getting married run a greater risk of divorce than those who live apart until after the wedding.

Financial status and the likelihood of divorce

Ohio couples may be interested to know that based on the results of a survey of more than 2,000 adults, the primary cause of relationship stress is money. Thirty-five percent of the respondents identified finances as the main cause of contention with their significant other.

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