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Property division in a high-asset divorce

When couples are going through a divorce, one thing that they usually have to confront is the division of their marital property. If they are unable to reach an agreement on their own, a judge will make the decision. In an equitable distribution state like Ohio, the court will issue an order based upon what it believes to be fair, and that doesn't necessarily mean equal.

Dividing retirement assets after a marriage ends

When Ohio residents divorce, the question of how to divide a retirement account may be difficult to answer. This is because it may represent one of the most valuable assets that an individual could have. Retirement plans may also be tricky to divide because of the potential tax implications of doing so. As defined benefit plans are not considered marital property, any appreciation that takes place before marriage or after a divorce cannot be split.

Financial issues in a divorce

When Ohio couples get a divorce, they should take a number of financial considerations into account. For example, the couple may have a home they want to sell. However, they may need to decide how they will pay expenses associated with it and how they will split the proceeds when it sells.

Uncovering hidden assets during a divorce

When filing for divorce, most Ohio residents want a fair and equitable settlement. This can be hard to do if one spouse is hiding assets. One party's unscrupulous behavior does not have to leave the other person short. Here are some signs that might indicate a spouse is being less than forthcoming.

Protecting a credit score during a divorce

Ohio couples know how stressful a divorce can be, especially when children are involved. Many life-changing decisions have to be made during a relatively short period of time. Typical issues to resolve include child custody, child support, alimony and the division of property. What some spouses may not realize, however, is that decisions made during a divorce can affect a credit score.

Don't let emotions affect financial decisions during divorce

Ohio residents going through a divorce are dealing with a number of challenges that affect them emotionally. Deciding what to do with a cherished family home or deciding how issues pertaining to child custody are addressed can take a toll on an individual. The danger is that a person will become so focused on what is going on in their divorce now that they fail to think about how their decisions will have a long-term effect. This is especially true when it comes to financial decisions made during divorce about retirement.

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