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Who gets the dog in a divorce?

Divorces can be hard on everyone involved, including the pets. Over the years, your domesticated animal has become more than just a pet, but instead part of the family. You can't split up the family dog. Thus, when a couple gets divorced, your canine friend has to go with one spouse versus the other. There are trends as to how courts generally deal with such matters.

When should you bring an appraiser into your divorce discussions?

One of the hardest parts about going through a divorce is dividing up the marital assets. Couples tend to acquire a lot of possessions both before and after they get married. Some items may have more nostalgic or personal value versus a monetary one. It may be hard to assign value to certain household items.

Property division: How do Ohio courts divide marital debts?

When divorce enters the picture, many spouses focus on what assets they will receive during property division. Neither person wants to feel as if they walked away from divorce without their fair share of the assets. Unfortunately, this leaves the area of debt division largely unaddressed.

Managing retirement accounts during a divorce

When Iowa couples decide to divorce, the future of their retirement funds can loom large for many. These are some of the most significant assets that many people have, and the outcome of property division may lead people to alter their plans for retirement or step up their single savings. There are also particular tax concerns that come with touching retirement savings plans, because these accounts carry certain tax advantages for savings and restrictions on withdrawals. It can be important for people going through a divorce to be aware about how to handle retirement fund changes effectively.

Deciding what to do with the family home in a divorce

Dividing the family home can be a difficult and complicated affair for a divorcing couple living in Ohio. Most assets that a couple has do not retain a lot of emotional value. However, a home is attached to memories. In many cases, the couple raised their children under that roof. Or it could be that the couple still has minor children who don't want to be uprooted from the neighborhood and school that they have known.

Divorce and equitable distribution

Divorcing couples in Ohio should be aware that the majority of states will split marital property based on what is deemed equitable. However, this should not be mistaken for equitable distribution, which takes into account the facts of the case and the needs of both parties in the determination of how the marital assets will be divided.

Buying the family home during a divorce

The biggest asset on the table for many Ohio couples who are ending their marriage is the family home. A common option is for one spouse to buy out the other one. But before this happens, it's typically advised that they determine if this is financially feasible by treating the purchase as a new home buy instead of an ownership transfer.

Revealing hidden money during divorce property division

Financial issues often lead to divorce for Ohio couples, and they can also reflect some of the most important and contentious issues raised as part of a settlement. Unfortunately, some people may seek to avoid providing their spouses with their fair share during the property division stage by hiding assets in secret accounts or undisclosed investments. Unraveling these types of financial schemes can be complex and may cause the divorce process to take longer than necessary.

What to consider before taking the marital home

After an Ohio marriage comes to an end, an individual may be tempted to keep the family home. There are many questions that a person should ask before deciding to keep it. For instance, it may be worth considering if that individual could pay the mortgage on his or her own.

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