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How to co-parent after a divorce

Once the divorce is final for parents in Ohio, they still face a big hurdle, and that is co-parenting effectively. Although there is a custody schedule in place, parents should try to be flexible if one has a fun activity planned during the other parent's time. The focus should be on making sure that the child is happy.

Use calendars for expense, schedule details in divorce cases

Because divorce is so stressful, it's easy for the parties involved to forget important things. When gathering such necessary documents as tax forms, bank statements and other items, soon-to-be exes in Ohio should also consider looking at old calendars. These may contain a wealth of information that could be important in the divorce and also be evidence if spouses disagree about an event or expense.

Child visitation cannot be refused for these reasons

After going through a bitter divorce, some Ohio parents may search for leverage that can be used against an ex-spouse to get back at them for the pain they are experiencing. Some feel the only leverage they have left is the children. Custodial parents need to be aware of illegitimate reasons to refuse visitation rights that could lead to them possibly losing custody of their children and even facing fines or jail time.

Tips for helping children thrive after a divorce

Many parents in Ohio face the prospect of raising their children after a divorce. One factor that will come into play as it relates to creating an effective parenting plan is the age of the kids. Younger children often need more structure while older children want more freedom to spend time with friends and participate in school activities. Furthermore, young kids will generally need more support and reassurance after their parents finalize a divorce.

Co-parenting strategies to limit conflict with a difficult ex

Divorced people in Ohio typically cooperate as co-parents to their children, but vindictive or controlling ex-partners can make the journey more difficult than it already is. A person feeling undermined by a quarrelsome or unreliable co-parent could reduce conflict with mindfulness and communication strategies.

Handling scheduling conflicts with a child custody hearing

In Ohio and throughout the United States, child custody is one of the most complicated and difficult issues people face as they are going through a divorce. The various aspects of the process can seem overwhelming with even the most basic factors becoming problematic. That includes the court date to determine what the custody arrangement will be.

When visitation time poses a problem

Parents in Ohio who divorce or separate may later face conflicts about how to divide child custody and visitation. While children benefit strongly from a close relationship with both parents, the differences between the parents can boil over into challenges in creating a successful parenting plan. When one parent has primary custody, the other parent may have visitation with the kids. Visitation is usually a part of ensuring shared time for the children. In some cases, however, the custodial parent may have serious concerns about continuing the visitation schedule as ordered.

How personality traits can raise divorce risk

Certain personality traits may increase the likelihood that an Ohio resident might get a divorce. One of those traits is a tendency to catastrophize. People who do so tend to blow up small incidents into large ones. Some attorneys actually report clients who file for divorce multiple times and then each time realize they are overreacting.

Reacting to a child's request to live with the other parent

There is a chance that a child in Ohio will want to live with a noncustodial parent. Ideally, custodial parents will not take this personally and engage in a discussion about the topic. In some cases, it could be acceptable to allow the noncustodial parent to be a part of the conversation. However, if a change in residence is not in the child's best interest, a judge is unlikely to approve such a request regardless of how the child and parents feel.

Child custody may be determined by multiple factors

When parents in Ohio or anywhere else end their marriages, a judge will need to decide who gets custody of the children. As a general rule, a court will make a custody decision based on what is in a child's best interests. However, there are many factors that could be used to determine what that would be in a given case. Typically, the age of the child will influence the terms of a custody ruling.

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