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Transitioning during divorce through 'birdnesting'

Child custody is one of the biggest concerns that Ohio parents face following divorce. However, one new trend may make the transition easier on children. 'Birdnesting" is a term used to describe a living situation in which both parents share a residence but live separately. The children stay in the shared home while the two parents alternate living there as well.

How a parent should handle concerns about visitation

Some Ohio custodial parents might wonder what they should do if they have concerns about their children's visitation with the other parent. Reasons for concern could be that the children say they do not want to go, that they complain they spend more time with the parent's new partner or that there is a history of substance abuse or domestic violence.

Tips for regaining custody of a minor child

Losing custody of a child is one of the worst feelings a parent in Ohio or anywhere else may experience. However, just because the courts have decided the child is currently better off with the other parent or in foster care does not mean that this will always be the case. Ideally, parents will be honest about why they lost custody and what they have to do to get it back.

Child custody when a child is born out of wedlock

It is becoming increasingly common in Ohio and in other states for children to be born to unwed parents. Across the United States, approximately 40 percent of children are born to unwed parents compared to 17 percent in 2007. In many cases, the father's name is not on the birth certificate. This can create questions for parents regarding custody issues.

Co-parenting lessons that may make post-divorce life easier

Getting a divorce in Ohio doesn't always mean an end to certain joint responsibilities, especially if children are involved. Unless there are issues with domestic violence or substance abuse, the inclination of the courts is to keep both parents involved in a child's life. For this reason, the most common piece of advice given to ex-spouses is to keep the focus on the best interests of the child. This typically means urging parents not to badmouth or belittle their ex or make children feel as if they have to take sides.

Going to court for child custody

Ohio parents who must attend child custody hearings may be confused or even intimidated by the process. That's why it's important to be well-prepared and ready to present a case to support the parent-child relationship. By understanding a few things about court hearings for custody, a parent can help to present themselves well to the judge in the case.

Co-parenting successfully after a divorce

When people in Ohio decide to divorce, they may be more than ready to leave their unhappy marriage behind. At the same time, they may be concerned about the divorce's effect on the parent-child relationship. Co-parenting can be a challenge, even for couples who were able to reach an amicable split. There can be a number of problems that arise, from discomfort at one parent's new relationships to dealing with clashes over parenting decisions as the child grows.

Custody and visitation rights for unmarried parents

There are several reasons parents may disagree over where their children should live after they separate. Most times, both parents want what is best for their children, but when they can't agree, a family court judge may need to make the decision for them. Courts in Ohio award custody based on the best interest of the children. Courts could award sole custody to one parent or shared custody to both parents. When one parent is awarded sole custody, the other typically has rights to visitation.

Documentary looks at race within the child support system

According to a study by the Urban Institute, the income of parents who owe 70 percent of child support debt ranges from $0 to under $10,000 annually. Filmmaker Rel Dowdell says that many of these parents are African-American men who suffer disproportionately under the child support system, and their children in turn suffer as well. Some Ohio parents may struggle with these issues.

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