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Preparing to co-parent after the divorce

A challenge that divorcing parents may face in Ohio is how to retool their relationship for co-parenting. Even though the romantic relationship is over and there is sometimes a great deal of tension between the former spouses, they need to communicate and work together for the good of their children. At the same time, issues related to child custody and visitation can be some of the most emotionally challenging parts of the divorce process. By keeping some key tips in mind and focusing on the best interests of the children, parents can help to develop a new co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the kids.

Avoiding co-parenting arguments

Ohio residents who have to co-parent should expect to disagree with their children's other parent at least occasionally. However, they should understand that their focus should be on what is in the best interests of their children. If certain issues arise in their co-parenting relationship, there are some steps that parents can take to overcome the conflicts.

When a parent is denied visitation rights

For an Ohio parent, being denied visitation rights for their child can be an unbearable experience. It doesn't matter if the one denying visitation is the courts or the ex-spouse, there may be strong emotions involved. The spouse who is being denied visitation may want to take definitive measures in order to get custody. Before they take any action, they should try to understand why they are being denied visitation and then based on that create a plan of what to do next.

Priorities when creating a parenting schedule

When divorcing couples in Ohio are putting together a parenting schedule, they should not prioritize their own desires. Instead, the plan should be designed with the child's own schedule in mind. It's also important to account for where each parent lives and how far they are from the child's school.

How a court determines the best interests of the child

Parents in Ohio who are getting a divorce and who cannot come to an agreement about child support may have to go to litigation. The court attempts to make a child custody decision that is in the best interests of the child. A judge will take a number of elements into consideration when making this decision.

Protecting parental rights of fathers after a divorce

These days, most courts in Ohio and throughout the rest of the nation recognize the importance of a father in a child's life. However, it's still fairly common for children to end up living with the mother if there's a serious custody dispute that can't be resolved amicably. That's why some steps dads looking to remain involved with their children may want to take steps to protect their rights after a divorce.

The case for 50-50 joint physical custody

Divorcing parents in Ohio are likely concerned about how the split will impact their children. In some cases, a parent will fight to obtain sole custody of the kids. Many still believe that children, especially infants and toddlers, do better when they are raised solely by their mothers.

Living arrangements may be sticking point in child custody cases

When it comes to divorce in Ohio, nothing is more important for parents than the safety and security of their children. Unfortunately, there can be some major disagreements regarding how to go about securing a child's well-being after a divorce. In many cases, parents will share custody, but in others, living conditions at the home of one parent may become a point of contention when it comes to deciding amicable custody arrangements.

How parallel parenting can reduce conflict after divorce

Some divorcing couples in Ohio might not be able to create a strong co-parenting relationship. For the most part, co-parenting requires exes to set aside their differences, focus on their children and communicate effectively. In some divorces, there is simply too much conflict for this to happen. However, there is an alternative, known as parallel parenting, that allows exes to share custody or have a custody and visitation arrangement.

Transitioning during divorce through 'birdnesting'

Child custody is one of the biggest concerns that Ohio parents face following divorce. However, one new trend may make the transition easier on children. 'Birdnesting" is a term used to describe a living situation in which both parents share a residence but live separately. The children stay in the shared home while the two parents alternate living there as well.

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