Defending Your Rights In Sensitive Domestic Violence Cases

The impact of a domestic violence charge is immediate. When police get to the site of a domestic violence call, someone is going to be arrested and held overnight, if not longer. If the charges result in a conviction, you could face fines and further incarceration. Your right to own firearms could be taken away. Your career could be jeopardized. If you are in the midst of a divorce or a child custody and visitation dispute, a domestic violence conviction could seriously jeopardize your access to your children.

At the Kelly Law Office in Columbus, we have been representing people accused of domestic violence since 1992. People throughout Ohio turn to us for assistance in these cases because of our experience with criminal defense and family law. You can turn to us to defend your rights.

You Need Our Help If You Face A Temporary Restraining Order

If you are accused of spousal abuse or domestic abuse of any type, from physical abuse and sexual assault to stalking and harassment, the first action that will be taken against you is a temporary protection order, also referred to as a restraining order. This order can keep you out of your own house. It can keep you away from your children. The stakes are too high to handle this on your own. Call the Kelly Law Office immediately and protect your rights.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Serious Criminal Offenses

Some people make the mistake that domestic violence charges are minor issues. They are not. Both misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges are treated with absolute seriousness from the moment the police arrive on the scene. Although officers are not required to make an arrest technically, they almost always do simply because of the demands of the system.

From there, these crimes are handled by a special team of domestic violence prosecutors. Even if the alleged victim wants the case dismissed, these prosecutors may not dismiss it. If they decide to prosecute, you need help from an attorney with the experience to defend your rights and tell your side of the story.

Pay A Reasonable Fee For Our Help. Start With A Free Consultation.

We know that you will have questions about the costs of our services, and we will explain this to you in detail during our consultation. In many domestic violence matters, we are able to handle the case for a flat fee, allowing you to know exactly what it will cost to hire us. If your case is more complex, we keep you constantly informed about the monthly expenses that are connected to your case.

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