We Help You Fight Speeding Tickets And Other Traffic Violations

Traffic violations should be taken seriously. Even minor violations can lead to a suspended driver’s license, a penalty that can turn your life upside down. Major violations, such as drunk driving or driving without an operator’s license, also known as no ops, can have even more severe penalties, including fines and incarceration. You have the right to defend yourself to prevent these penalties from wreaking havoc on your life.

At the Kelly Law Office in Columbus, we can defend you in your serious traffic violation case. Serious traffic violations include charges of DUI and driving without a license. Driving without a license charges can be particularly severe, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the charges. We can defend you if you were accused because you have never gotten a driver’s license, because you forgot to pay to have your license reinstated or simply because you didn’t have your license with you when you were pulled over. We can also defend against:

  • Driving under a suspension
  • Speeding tickets
  • Stop sign violations
  • Hit-and-run

Our Lawyer Will Work To Protect Your Commercial Driver’s License

Two speeding tickets in a short period of time can cause the loss of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Even a temporary loss of a CDL can mean serious problems, if you rely on your ability to drive to earn an income. Long-term loss of your license can end your career. At the Kelly Law Office, we defend commercial truck drivers and anyone else who drives for a living. We work hard to keep our commercial driver clients on the road.

We are able to locally represent out-of-state drivers who were ticketed in Ohio. In many cases, we are able to handle these matters on your behalf, without requiring you to come back to Ohio. Our goal is not only to get results, but also to do so as conveniently as possible.

Call Us For Free. Protect Your Driving Record With Reasonable Fees.

Many of our traffic ticket cases can be handled for a flat fee, which means that you know exactly what it will cost you when you hire us. If more complex representation is needed, we will explain in detail how our hourly fees work, and will keep you informed regarding the costs of your case. Call us at 614-241-2174 or send us an email to schedule a free initial telephone consultation with an experienced attorney.