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Kelly Law Office has been helping people through difficult situations for over 20 years. We provide professional, compassionate representation to people with legal matters in Ohio. We are experienced trial lawyers dedicated to protecting your rights and obtaining the best possible outcome.Whether your situation requires litigation or negotiation, you will feel confident with the knowledge that you are represented by a seasoned trial attorney and counselor at law who will protect you, guide you and fight for you throughout the process.

If you have questions regarding the divorce process or wish to speak to a lawyer further regarding your unique situation, contact an experienced Columbus contested divorce attorney for more information.

Reasonable Fees

We strive to provide excellent legal services for a reasonable fee. Many uncontested matters and other services are offered at flat rates, so you will know up front how much your case will cost. If your case is contested, it will generally be billed on an hourly basis, with a retainer (deposit) required in advance. Monthly fees for legal services are then subtracted from the retainer account.

The amount of the deposit will be determined by the attorney and is based upon the complexity of the issues involved. Contested matters are billed on an hourly basis because the amount of work required to resolve a contested matter cannot be determined in advance. When you and your spouse are unable to agree, it can be difficult to predict when or if a compromise can be reached, and whether a trial will be required to resolve the contested issues.

You will be informed of your expenditures with itemized monthly statements, or more frequently if you desire. We will continually discuss and evaluate your case strategy and the allocation of your resources. Our goal is to work with you to achieve your desired outcome in a cost effective manner.

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Our Ohio family law services include:

Our Ohio family law services include:

Resolving Your Divorce Disputes in Ohio

A contested divorce arises when you and your spouse cannot agree on any one or more of the various issues involved with the ending of your marital relationship

Initially, after negotiations have come to an impasse, a complaint is filed in court and served upon your spouse.The court may then issue restraining orders and temporary orders until a full trial on all of the contested issues can be heard. Temporary orders may include: temporary custody of minor children, temporary child and spousal support, a temporary award of attorney fees and orders requiring the payment of debts and living expenses such as mortgages, car payments and credit card debt.

Temporary restraining orders can protect against vindictive or destructive behavior by a spouse such as the canceling of insurance policies, the removal of furniture from the marital residence, the removal and expenditure of funds from retirement or savings, the selling or transferring of assets, or the accumulation of debt by your spouse in your name. Your attorney will be able to collect information regarding your assets and debts.Your attorney can require your spouse to disclose information and provide documents through the issuance of subpoenas, demands for discovery, document requests, interrogatories and depositions.

Experts such as appraisers may be used to prove the value of certain assets. If either spouse is the owner of or has an interest in a business, a forensic accountant may be used to prove the dollar value of that interest. When custody or the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities of minor children is at issue, your attorney can move the court to appoint a Guardian ad Litem. A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney appointed to represent the best interests of a child. The Guardian has statutory duties which include a home investigation and speaking with the minor child, when possible, to determine the child's wishes and desires. The Guardian ad litem is required to file a written report prior to trial presenting their investigation findings and making recommendations with respect to award of custody or parental rights.

At any point in the process, if a settlement is reached, the litigation can be ended by reducing the agreement to writing and presenting it to the court for approval. When a settlement is not possible, the last step in the process is always a trial before the judge.

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