Fathers’ Rights: Assert Them Early. Assert Them Now.

Unmarried fathers are treated differently than married fathers. In Ohio, unmarried fathers are without legally recognized and enforceable rights until they first establish paternity and then request the establishment of their parental/custody rights by filing an action in juvenile court. Even a father who has established paternity has no legal custody rights until he takes the additional step of filing an action to establish his parental rights in court.

It is important to establish paternity and parental rights early on and by agreement with the mother if possible to avoid forfeiting your rights through stepparent adoption, or juvenile court action. If you delay establishing your parental rights and they are later denied, you may experience unnecessary loss of parenting time while waiting for court hearings and judge’s or magistrate’s decisions to establish your parental rights.

If you have a good relationship with the mother of your child, one of our attorneys at Kelly Law Office can help you establish them by agreement quickly and for a flat legal fee.

If your relationship with your child’s mother has already broken down to the extent that an agreement is not initially possible, we are experienced litigators in the area of child custody and will ensure that your child’s best interests are protected and that your rights as a father are established and enforced.

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We understand the importance of a father in a child’s life. If you wish to establish your parental rights as a father, we can help. From paternity to custody, parenting time/visitation and stepparent adoption, we will guide you securely through the complexities of the legal process and fight for your rights and the rights of your child(ren).

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