How Does Our Flat Fee Structure Work?

In many divorces, couples are able to work together to resolve the issues that need to be addressed before a divorce can be finalized. We call these divorces “uncontested.” This means that the parties agree to all basic issues regarding child custody and the division of marital property and that there is nothing that will need to be decided by the courts.

If you have an uncontested divorce, or you and your spouse need a divorce and do not have children, it may be possible to have your family law case handled on a flat-fee basis. With the flat fees offered by the Kelly Law Office, you know exactly what it will cost you to hire our attorney to take your case.

What Is The Flat Fee For My Case?

The flat rates that we charge in those circumstances differ slightly depending upon which county you are filing in, as well as the particulars of your situation. In Franklin County, our flat rates for uncontested divorce or dissolution without children start at $950 plus filing fee (which varies depending upon the county where we file) and private judge fee (typically $165.00). If you and your spouse have children, there is a little more work required, so the fees are slightly higher. Our flat rates start at around $1500 plus filing costs and private judge fees.

Advantages To Flat-Fee Divorce

Many lawyers handle divorces at an hourly rate. Any time that you call them or need work performed on your case, you will incur additional charges. Any disputes can cause the amounts to add up quickly. With a flat fee, you can feel comfortable that you have a clear idea of what it will cost you to get your divorce.

Additionally, a flat fee divorce allows you the opportunity to stay out of the courtroom. Ohio laws require that you have a hearing before a judge prior to your divorce being finalized. We can bring the judge into our Columbus office and have the hearing there to help keep the process moving. This is included in the flat fee that we quote to you at the time of our meeting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you have the chance to really control what happens in your divorce. You and your spouse can work together to come to agreements that allow both of you to put this in the past and move on with your new life.

Discuss How Our Lawyer Can Help You Develop A Creative Arrangement

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