Live Separately But Protect Yourself Legally

At Kelly Law Office in Columbus, we help you make decisions that are in your best interests, not ours. We do this by listening to you, addressing your concerns and helping you create a cost-effective strategy to accomplish your goals.

We realize that divorce may not be the right choice for you. You may avoid filing for religious reasons. You and your spouse may want to live apart but stay married to retain eligibility for spousal benefits or tax deductions. In situations such as these, you may want to consider a legal separation.

What Is A Legal Separation? What Do You Need To Know?

A legal separation is a court order stating that you and your spouse will not live together but will remain married under the law. It is very similar to a divorce in that you and your spouse will walk away with a separation agreement that is enforceable in court. You can negotiate your own terms or let a judge issue orders regarding:

  • How you will divide your property during the separation
  • Whether you will pay or receive spousal support
  • Which parent will get custody of the children
  • What parenting plan or visitation schedule you want to follow

The major difference is that you remain married under the law in a legal separation. You cannot marry another person while the separation order is in place. You can convert your legal separation into a divorce if you want to terminate the marriage. You can also have the court dismiss the order should you reconcile with your spouse.

Is Legal Separation Right For You? Learn More In A Free Initial Consultation.

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