You May Need A Custody Modification To Relocate With A Child

More than likely, at some time in the future, you will need to modify your divorce decree or other family law court order. Whether it be child support, visitation or custody, modifications are necessary as the circumstances in people’s lives change.

Are you interested in moving out of state with your child? Has your former spouse made relocation plans that involve moving away with your child, plans that you don’t agree with? Has your income changed, and do you need to decrease your child support payments? All of the above are examples of potential reasons why you may need to change the terms of your decree or agreement.

At the Kelly Law Office in Columbus, you will find an attorney who has been handling these matters for people throughout Ohio since 1992. We are ready to work with you to ensure that changes made to custody arrangements, if any, make sense for you and your child.

Move-Aways Present Challenges. We Can Help You Handle Them.

One parent cannot simply leave with their child. The court must be involved. In these cases, the court is placed in a very difficult position. The court must decide which parent the child will reside with. There is no meeting in the middle when there are so many miles between one parent and the other. This is not an easy decision.

When you come to us for representation in a relocation case, we will listen to your situation. We will tell you about your options and find out about your goals. Whether you want to achieve relocation or you want to stop the relocation of your former spouse, we will build a case that is designed to achieve your goals.

Our Representation Is Experienced And Affordable

We carefully assess your case to determine how we can best meet your needs. In most family law matters, we are able to represent you for a flat fee. This lets you know exactly what it will cost to hire us to work for you. In the event that your case will require an hourly rate, we will sit down and explain how that works, and what is covered under that arrangement. We keep you constantly informed about the expenses that are connected to your case.

When You Need To Discuss A Move, Call Us For Free

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