Avoid The Court System Entirely With Dissolution

If you are considering a divorce in Ohio, it is wise to speak with a skilled lawyer regarding your options surrounding the dissolution of your marriage. If you and your partner can come to agreements regarding the main issues you will face, it is possible to save time and money by avoiding the court system altogether. At the Kelly Law Office, in Columbus, we are committed to protecting your rights and guiding you on the path that best meets your needs.

You Benefit From Our Attorney’s Compassion And Over 20 Years’ Experience

Unlike a contested divorce, a dissolution of marriage requires both parties to be in complete agreement on all issues involving a spousal support order, property settlement and child custody and visitation arrangements. The couple submits a separation agreement to the court that must be approved by the judge before the marriage is officially dissolved. Many times, dissolution of marriage is a more economical and altogether less emotional process.

Many individuals will attempt to save money by doing the process themselves. In most cases, this will result in future heartache and spending much more money to fix problems that could have easily been avoided at the outset. An experienced dissolution of marriage lawyer can draft your agreements so they will hold up in the future. At our Columbus law office, we will help you flush out all of the issues now, so that they do not create problems further down the road.

Use Our Private Judge Services To Save Time And Money

Ohio requires a hearing before judge to finalize a divorce or dissolution. In uncontested divorce and dissolution cases, if you and your spouse agree, we offer the services of a private judge so that you do not have to spend hours waiting in a court room or appear in public to finalize your divorce or dissolution.

For a modest fee typically $165, for standard dates (or $185 for specially requested dates) we will have a private judge meet with you in the privacy of our office to conduct a brief final hearing. No long waits, no stress of appearing in public court.

Know Upfront What You Will Pay For Your Dissolution

Flat rates for dissolution without children start at $950 plus filing fees ($206 for dissolution with or without children in Franklin county. Other counties may run slightly higher) and private judge fee (typically $165). For dissolution with children, fees start slightly higher, typically at $1500 plus filing and private judge fees. And the best part is you will not be required to appear in court. You will meet with a judge of our choosing in the privacy of our offices and finalize the matter quickly and casually.

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