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How Does Our Flat Fee Structure Work?

If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement with respect to child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, marital property/asset and debt division, then an uncontested divorce or dissolution may be right for you.

Flat rates for uncontested divorce or dissolution without children start at $500 plus filing (257.50 deposit, for uncontested divorce with or without children and $206.00 deposit, for dissolution with or without children in Franklin county. Other counties may run slightly higher) and private judge fee (typically $100.00). With children, fees start slightly higher, typically at $700 plus filing and private judge fees. And the best part is you will not be required to appear in court. You will meet with a judge of our choosing in the privacy of our offices and finalize the matter quickly and casually.

Are you ready to discuss your case with an experienced Columbus uncontested divorce or dissolution attorney? Call us at 614-556-4280 or send us an e-mail.

Save Money With An Uncontested Divorce And Dissolution

Are you considering trying to save money by using an online site to prepare your divorce or dissolution paperwork? Are you worried that you may overlook something that will cause you a major problem and additional expense later? Are you concerned that the court may not approve your agreement, or that your case may be delayed? Would you prefer to be able to talk to an experienced family law attorney who can answer your questions and explain the law and the process as it applies to your unique circumstances before you make many important decisions that will affect your life for years to come? You can save money and time, have peace of mind, and avoid appearing in public in court.

With Kelly Law Office as your counsel, you can feel confident that you fully understand your rights and that your interests are protected. Ending a marriage is difficult enough. Representing yourself can create unnecessary problems.Let us help you make the best out of a difficult situation.

Talk to us about our low flat rates for uncontested divorce and dissolution.You may be surprised to learn how little it will cost to avoid the stress and unintended consequences that can come with representing yourself in a divorce.

Private Judge Services Help Us Keep Costs Down

Ohio requires a hearing before judge to finalize a divorce or dissolution.We use the services of a private judge so that you do not have to spend hours waiting in a court room to appear in public before a judge to finalize your divorce or dissolution.For a modest fee starting at $100, we will meet with a judge in the privacy of our offices and discretely and quickly finalize your domestic matter.We can also be flexible with scheduling a time that will meet your needs.

Discuss How Our Lawyer Can Help You Develop A Creative Arrangement

We are experienced at creative drafting of separation agreements to meet your unique circumstances and vision. Contact our attorneys regarding property division for a free initial telephone consultation at 614-556-4280 or send us an email regarding your family law concerns.

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